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Reducing waste at ASP – one bottle at a time

You may have noticed ASP students and staff carrying around adorable reusable water bobbles (that’s right – bobbles). The upper school Green Team, in particular seniors Vicki Wing and Paul LeSter, organized a sale of these last autumn with help from cafeteria manager Philippe Simon. 150 bobbles sold out in 2 days, generating a 150 euro donation to Amman Imman in addition, hopefully, to making an impact on the “single-use” mindset that seems to dominate ASP.

Bobbles will be on offer again in March, along with filters (the filter should be replaced every 150 litres, or 300 refills). This time, students hope to measure the impact on sale of bottled water, and check the impact on our outgoing waste and recycling as part of an Eco-Ecole audit.

Nice work Green Team!


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Improving recycling on the ASP campus

Lots of people have lots of ideas regarding recycling. Here are some of our priorities, what are yours?

  • streamlining recycling – let’s make it easy and ensure participation
  • composting in and outside of the caf
  • providing opportunities for purchasing recycled paper notebooks and other school supplies
  • procuring recycled paper for our staff/faculty

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