Eco-Ecole – it’s ASP’s turn

Eco-ecole logoNext year the Eco-Ecole committee will be submitting ASP’s application to become an Eco-Ecole. The Eco-Ecole network was created in 1994 and exists in almost 50 countries, with 32 000 schools participating! We’ve already taken some of the steps to becoming an Eco-Ecole on our own but this process will help us improve on-going activities and add important new initiatives. Please visit the website ( for more information. Thanks for your support!


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    Joseph Scanlon said,

    Along with looking at waste, we should now consider a working compost program to provide organic nutrients for use on the campus grounds, in the gardens and in the new Greenhouse! We should convince the cafeterias, especially the lower school since it would be good to get students started at young age, to collect appropriate food wastes to be mixed into bins with the yard wastes we collect from the landscaping efforts. This would be both practical and educational as these piles of compost can be used in the Middle Science program as areas of study in energy/nutrient cycling.

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      ASP's Green Blog said,

      Guess what! Two groups of IB science students are studying the feasibility of cafeteria compost for their spring project this year. They should have results at the end of April… Watch this space!

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