Ideas from the Fritz-Erler Schule (Pforzheim)

Great presentation from the Environmental Manager at the Fritz-Erler School in Pforzheim, which has reduced their energy use by 40% in the last 6 years, along with other less-measurable achievements. Below is a list of ideas that could be transferable to ASP…

Fritz-Erler Schule - check out the solar panels!

Fritz-Erler Schule - check out the solar panels!

  • “Waste police” student group monitors trash, recycling, lighting & heating in classrooms, leaving reminder notes in non-complying rooms and rewarding rooms with a good record
  • Student environmental reps (2) are elected by each class, participate in the council and receive a detailed letter of recommendation at the end of the year
  • Monthly meeting of the environmental committee are open to the public
  • Environmental forum twice a year with the Environmental Manager, 3 teachers, 3 students, and reps from 12 different parties
  • Traffic light in a central area is red if more electricity was used per day compared to last year, green if less
  • On open house day, the waste police makes a huge pile of trash in a central area – very impressive!
  • Permanent display of materials not wanted on campus (single-use containers, etc)
  • Regular sale of recycled school products by the business club
  • Annual sustainability report including articles by students
  • Clearly-written environmental policy with 7 principles (didn’t have time to copy them all)

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  1. 1

    Daryle Russell said,

    Good list to start with. I really like the green light/red light idea if it is doable.

  2. 2

    CF said,

    This list sounds practical and doable at ASP.
    Even if it is from 2009…..

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