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Maximising biodiversity and appreciation of nature on campus

Big progress is already happening here with our new gardener and the pond. What else should we be working on?

News from September – Jeremie (the gardener) added butterfly-friendly flowers to the bed at the Garches entrance. Classes from lower, middle and upper schools are using the pond!


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Using water sustainably on campus

What are your concerns/ideas regarding water use on campus?

Did you notice the automatic flush toilets and motion-detector sinks in remodeled bathrooms? These and other improvements from Mike Breen and his team will help us reduce water-wastage.

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Moving towards sustainable energy at ASP

This year we’re focusing on items 1 and 2 from this list. Do you have other ideas for us?

  • tracking and controlling waste of electricity and gas, eliminating waste
  • installing more efficient systems (lighting, passive solar hot water, green roof…)
  • installing alternative energies (solar panels)
  • moving to rechargeable batteries for school appliances
  • reducing carbon emissions from our buses/transport

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Improving recycling on the ASP campus

Lots of people have lots of ideas regarding recycling. Here are some of our priorities, what are yours?

  • streamlining recycling – let’s make it easy and ensure participation
  • composting in and outside of the caf
  • providing opportunities for purchasing recycled paper notebooks and other school supplies
  • procuring recycled paper for our staff/faculty

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Reducing solid waste on the ASP campus

Here are some of our ideas so far… please comment!

  • moving to conventional cutlery and plates in the caf
  • replacing single-use beverages with more water fountains and beverage fountains in the caf
  • reducing paper use by using additional online materials and assignments
  • organizing re-use opportunities during “locker cleanouts”
  • encouraging the use of reusable bottles instead of single-use bottled water

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