Global Issues Network 2011

´╗┐Members of the Green Team attended the 6th Global Issues Network conference, in Luxembourg, March 23-26. They heard keynote speakers addressing issues of global equity and development, went to workshops on topics ranging from Coltan to microlending to renewable energy, and even presented their Bobble/Amman Imman project in their own workshop! On the last day of the conference students drew up an Action Plan for implementing their new ideas at ASP in the coming year. All in all an inspiring, motivating and informative event. Did I mention fun? We had a great time!

Attendees: Jiwon Choi, Hyoney Kwan and Sara Venkatraman (10th grade), Amine El Aymani, Maria Lekander, Hannah Namgung, Muj Powell (12th grade), Anne Bayley and Dave Way (chaperones).

Sara, Muj, Amine and Hannah at the main conference

Sara, Muj, Amine and Hannah at the main conference


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Reducing waste at ASP – one bottle at a time

You may have noticed ASP students and staff carrying around adorable reusable water bobbles (that’s right – bobbles). The upper school Green Team, in particular seniors Vicki Wing and Paul LeSter, organized a sale of these last autumn with help from cafeteria manager Philippe Simon. 150 bobbles sold out in 2 days, generating a 150 euro donation to Amman Imman in addition, hopefully, to making an impact on the “single-use” mindset that seems to dominate ASP.

Bobbles will be on offer again in March, along with filters (the filter should be replaced every 150 litres, or 300 refills). This time, students hope to measure the impact on sale of bottled water, and check the impact on our outgoing waste and recycling as part of an Eco-Ecole audit.

Nice work Green Team!

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Eco-Ecole – it’s ASP’s turn

Eco-ecole logoNext year the Eco-Ecole committee will be submitting ASP’s application to become an Eco-Ecole. The Eco-Ecole network was created in 1994 and exists in almost 50 countries, with 32 000 schools participating! We’ve already taken some of the steps to becoming an Eco-Ecole on our own but this process will help us improve on-going activities and add important new initiatives. Please visit the website ( for more information. Thanks for your support!

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Global Issues Network – Geneva 2010

GIN logo10 students from the Upper School Green Team, along with chaperons Anne Bayley and Matt DuAime, participated in the 2010 Global Issues Network (GIN) conference. Over 400 students from schools all over Europe got together to hear about sustainable development issues from keynote speakers and each other! We came back with new knowledge about global and local environmental and social issues, lots of ideas from other schools, and an action plan to make our electricity reduction project even more visible and successful. Thanks to all who participated!

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News from a veteran Green Teamer!

Upper School Green Team is always excited to hear from former members. We recently got an article about former ASP Green Teamer Cort Hammond, who started up his own Green Team when he moved back to Washington State. Word has it that recent graduate Hoon Hahm has started an environmental club at his Korean university this fall, too. Keep up the good work! Read more about Cort at :

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Uh – oh. We are using a LOT of paper.

konica_minoltaOur copier company has just sent us the numbers for the last trimester: between July and October, ASP made 500,796 photocopiers/printouts. This means we’re on track for breaking all records and hitting the 2 million mark in June. YIKES. Just 3 years ago we were ordering paper at a rate of 50,000 sheets a month, so 125,000 sheets a months is a huge increase. I’ll be posting more details soon…

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Climate Change – You say you want a revolution?

Interested in hearing how to reach our climate goals, from climate experts? Panels including experts from the IEA (International Energy Agency), The Climate Group, UN Environmental Program, Greenpeace, and Attac will be presenting a series of discussions on important subjects related to climate changes at the American University of Paris. The series starts 18:30 Tuesday, October 20 at 6 rue du Colonel Combes, Paris 7th, Room C12.

October 20: “You say you want a revolution”: What changes must we undergo if we are to tackle climate change?

October 27: Developing and emerging economies: points for engagement on climate change. Kuwait on clean oil; China’s energy and environmental future; India on renewable energy.

November 10th: Energy technology perspectives for a sustainable future: trends, costs and impacts.

November 17th: Civil society, media, and public acceptance of climate change: where is the public on climate change?

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